~ Excerpts ~

Indian Summer Palate     

Charleston Living Magazine SEP/OCT 2016

We survived the brutal humidity, the mosquitoes, and the pesky tourists.


It’s time to let the brisk morning breezes and big yellow busses lead us into the most anticipated season of the year. From local fairs to harvest feasts, from tailgate parties to after-school treats, the South’s fall is dyed deep in the colorful flavors of caramel, pumpkin, maple, and plum.


If we take a deep breath, we smell butter gently sizzling in the cast iron skillet.


After months of holding in our poolside bellies, 

it's time to exhale and enjoy a paper cup of vinegary fries and a basket of sausage and onions.


So, grab your red wine or beer stein and settle into this colorful, cooler season of indulgence with a few blue-ribbon recipes of our own.

*Some Assembly Required 

Do-It-Yourself Delicious

& Heroic Summer Sandwiches

Charleston Living Magazine MAY/JUNE 2016

The hammock’s up, the shoes are off, the music’s on,...ah, the day is yours. Summer in the South is kicked back and comfortable. So, it’s no surprise that Southerners are experts in the art of the easy meal—slapping slices of bread around cold cuts and cheese and yelling, “Lunch!”


Sandwiches are the ultimate no-shoes, no-shirt (we don’t judge) meal. But at the risk of seeming overdressed, we’ve crafted some new versions of the big easy, starting with the muffuletta's cousin, the Roast Beef Sandwich with Tarragon Mayo & Olive Tapenade. It’s a mouthful to say, but far more easily assembled.


Love an 80's revival? Try our Pesto Chicken Croissants with grapes and pecans. Or, treat your favorite millennials to a Vietnamese banh mi destined for their Instagram feeds. And since no summer day is complete without a primal scream for you-know-what, forgo the campfire and make our frozen s’mores indoors. 


Now, who’s the sandwich hero? High-five, dude.




Spinning Kitchen Gold

with Butter, Sugar, Flour & Eggs

Charleston Living Magazine SEP/OCT 2017

We’ve fallen into that fabled season of harvest moons and homecomings, carnivals and ghost tales. When the waning Carolina days are still hot enough to brag about, yet cool enough for a pumpkin spice latte.


Our closets are a motley mix of shorts and sweater, boots and flip-flops. Between the chili cook-offs and tailgates, we're hiking, hunting, biking, knitting, corn mazing and carving jack o' lanterns. And all around us, enveloping us in a giant quilt of memories, are the mystical smells of mulling cider, browning butter, cinnamon, and vanilla. #upandautumn my friend-- it's time to preheat your oven. 


Join us in this back to the kitchen seasonal stir-a-thon with six of our favorite baked goods. Our ricotta and honey tart is as big and beautiful as any harvest moon. Our elephant ears aren't the deep fried midway variety but bite for bite, they're the most delicious way to eat an elephant. 


Our buttery cashew bars are certified Blue Ribbon winners from the State Fair-- a must-bake this month! If your waffle iron is just waking up from a long summer's slumber, try the whipped waffles-- perfectly crisp and buttery on the outside and airy on the inside. Be sure to spread the love on thick with our cinnamon maple spread and any other toppings that light your bonfire. 


Want to wrap your hands around the coziest little spice bomb you ever did smell? Our pistachio and pear muffins will spin you into an olfactory orbit. Most importantly, since caring is sharing is every Southern baker's mantra, you'll find that sharing our apple nut crumble cake with its bewitching caramel sauce is so deliciously kind of you, it's frightening.


Gasp! Who is that beautiful baker in the magic mirror? 

Easter Feast

Where Spring is Served Family Style

Charleston Living Magazine MAR/APR 2016

Spring in the Carolinas is a promenade of sunny days, seersucker suits, and stunning azaleas that hover above the grass like giant pink parasols in an Easter parade. Streets are canopied with trees whose blossoms spin in the wind like ticker-tape confetti.


On Easter, churchgoers can be seen spilling onto the sidewalks in a kaleidoscope of pleated and pressed paisley and floral. It's as if Mother Nature herself is orchestrating the gala. 


Indoors, the Easter pageantry is equally splendid. Vivaldi, Alabama Shakes, and Adele rotate randomly on the playlist. Spring peas and asparagus are being sprayed clean in colanders. Rectangular casseroles, dozens of deviled eggs and mounds of mint and parsley crowd the kitchen island. Table linens are smoothed and lined with hand-painted China, silver, soup spoons and salad forks. And cakes and confectionaries are unveiled as works of art.


The Carolinas come alive on Easter with a celebratory spirit and reverence for their diverse, yet essentially Southern traditions, beliefs, and blessings. Family styles may differ, but one standard stays true: We put on our best.

Now, have a seat before the food gets cold. It's

time to eat.