My editorial work focuses on whole, real food ingredients, usually green and leafy, sometimes kneaded and sugary--- but always rich with color and story. 

I create recipes that are easily accomplished and can be created with ingredients found in a semi-adventurous pantry. Recently, I have retrofitted my shelves to include more processed and packaged food products because—well, global pandemic.







As you may have noticed by now, I enjoy creating ornate presentations of draped vegetable roots and lush tablescapes because I'm drawn to the timeless beauty of napkin folds and the subtle storytelling of the imperfectly dripped sauce. Creating and sharing food is one of our most sensual social dances and I've made it my artistic playground for over a decade. 


During many naturally lit, perfect-shoot days, I'm at my desk—designing—awash in the blue fluorescent glow of Zoom and corporate wonderland. Secretly, I'm often daydreaming I'm cooking with my dogs at my bare feet and my chickens pecking at the back door. Shrug. Survival skills.


Actually, my chickens are pecking at my door now. Because I'm always at home. Because... Global Pandemic for1000, Alex. 

I've worked as an Art director and UX designer for over two decades where I crafted an intimate understanding of audience, storytelling, and deadline. 


In a former life, I spent a decade slinging drinks at an all-night rock 'n' roll dive. It could explain a lot. Until recently, I've been slinging food and the occasional drink on Instagram. You'll find that old hearsay documented here: @paperapron

In other news, I am a wife, a mom to two Golden Retrievers, two cats & four French-ish hens, an abstract painter, a jigsaw puzzler, a wabi-sabi potter, and a frequent Parisian.

Kim Byer

Saint Mary
Pinup Girl

I'm available for (sublime!) food content creation. I also make a decent lunch date.