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a short story

So, we were in D.C. staying at a schmancy hotel across the South Lawn from the White House. We were eating an early breakfast when a familiar face walks in. A nice, neighborly looking face. A face that you dismiss as a "nah, I probably don't really know her" face, then "wait, is she our neighbor?" We keep eating. We read the paper and soak up the atmosphere.


All of a sudden, I realize that my diamond isn't in its setting! I try desperately to ignore the heart-pounding panic attack coming on. We had walked all over D.C. the night before. We charge upstairs —no maids, yet! We fall on our knees frantically searching through the carpet and within minutes my husband finds it on the bathroom rug.


Literally 5 minutes later. MIRACLE. Our vacation was saved!! We went skipping out the door (okay, I skipped) and came across a billboard of one of the Supreme Court Justices. And oh, we had just eaten breakfast with Justice Sonia Sotomayor. So, not our neighbor.

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